The first time I met Lauren was at a bridal show in February 2018. She was laid back and as cool as a cucumber. We talked for a lil bit and she went on exploring the show. A few weeks later, we met at a Dunkin Doughnuts (which for some odd reason, took me longer to find than it should have). We went over her wedding and she signed her contract. Now, lets fast forward a few months to the summer. I met her and Tyler on the University of Tennessee campus, close to Neyland Stadium. I first thing I learned that day was that they were both UT fans. They both had graduated from the university and Lauren was in the Pride of the Southland Band. The second  thing I learned about them is that they are adventurous and up for anything! On campus is a museum and outside of it is a dinosaur skeleton. Our fist photos that day were by that dinosaur. Not your typical location for lovey engagement photos, but Lauren and Tyler are anything but your stereotypical couple.

So wedding day comes around. It is my last wedding of the 2018 year. The girls and groom got ready at the house. Nothing fancy, just laid back and somewhat stressless (as much as a wedding day can be). There was a chill vibe in the house, almost like this was a normal day, no different than any other. After the bride got dressed, she met her husband to be across the street for their first look.

So after the first look, it was across town to the Knoxville Emporium Center/Arts & Culture Alliance in the Old City. Once there, it started to rain. It was a very sad thing…but…Lauren and Tyler are adventurous and up for anything. They learned early on that I am an out of the box photographer and am not afraid to ask people to do almost anything! So, after a few shots inside the Emporium, we went down to the Southern Railway and took a few quick shots in the rain!

We finished our outdoor adventure with some shots of the bridal party in front of the venue and then the girls got cold so we went inside. By the way, this wedding was in December so they had a right to be a lil cool. The family was all there so we knocked those photos out of the way before the ceremony. This was awesome!! As a photographer (at least this one), the stressful part was done and there was just “event photography” left to capture. The ceremony was short and sweet and matched the personality of the couple perfectly! Lauren and Tyler exchanged rings, said “I do” and kissed and that was all she wrote! The rest of the night consisted of dancing and letting loose!

The exit. Well, it was a first for me! Being alumni and fans of UT, we lined up all the guests and wedding party and the bride and groom exited the Emporium to orange and white pompoms! It was a joyous and festive occasion full of celebration and glee!


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