A Mountain Fairytale

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Our story starts on a brisk January morning at a Chick-fil-a in Knoxville, TN. As we sat and ate breakfast, I heard Genessa and Nathan’s story. I heard how they met and the importance they played in each others lives. After getting to know each other, we went over wedding details and set a date for an engagement shoot!

Now, lets fast forward to Saturday, May 12, 2018. WEDDING DAY! It took me around a hour and a half to get to Tazwell, TN. For those who are unfamiliar with Tazwell, it is located northeast of Knoxville…in the middle of nowhere. However, it has been my experience that ceremonies in the middle of nowhere are the BEST places for weddings…for the photographer. Once I got to the entrance, I started wishing I still have my truck so I could kick it into 4-wheel drive. That mountain was steep! But my lil ol 2012 Nissan Altima made it up (this is the second mountain it has had to climb this year). When I got to the top, I parked and took in the view. You could see for miles! It was a clear (hot) and beautiful day. I knew then that there was one less thing on Genessa’s mind. One of the biggest fears brides have when booking an outdoor wedding is rain. We always hope and pray for nice days, but sometimes we don’t always get them. This was not the case here. It was a beautiful day for a wedding atop Rose Mountain in Tazwell, Tennessee. The girls got ready in an old cabin just down the path (note that I did not say road) from the ceremony site. The cabin was a cute, warm and intimate location. It was a lil tight, but it was perfect for the girls. The bride was chill, calm and collected. I think part of this was due to the prayer she had with the pastor before getting ready. As the girls got ready, they guys were helping get things set up.

There ceremony went off without a hitch! It was well attended and wasn’t too long. There were two young men playing stings off to the side, no one tripped coming down the isle, there were not breakdowns by the flower girl or ring bearer and the bride and groom said “I Do!” All in attendance received fans, which I thought was a nice touch. After the ceremony there were the obligatory family photos followed by photos with the ladies and then the men. The girls were great. Some were crazy, which as a photographer I love, and some where mellow. No one complained, everyone cooperated, and all laughed. Then men, however, were all crazy! I love it when the guys are total nuts and are game for anything!

The reception was nice. There were toast by the usual suspects plus a few others. The one outlier was the wind! In case you ever wondered, its crazy windy on the top of a mountain. At one point, a few guest had to physically hold down the tent because the wind was uprooting the tent! The wedding cake was amazing! Although we love it when a bride and groom go all face smash on each other during the cake ceremony, Nathan and Genessa were nice to each other. There was a lil aggression, but nothing extraordinary. The overall look and feel of the receptions was that of simplistic elegance. I love that look! Personally I do not think you have to go all out with decoration. They are there to accent the natural beauty and importance of the day, not be the focal point (but that is a totally different blog). Even though it was warm and windy, the reception was great and all had a wonderful time.

I don’t want to give a lot of detail as the the nature of work Genessa and Nathan do, but I will say this: There two are investing the lives of others. These two beautiful people have overcome their own demons are are helping others do the same. I am so thankful for Genessa, Nathan, and the countless others that work so hard and invest so much and receive so little if any recognition.

I pray that as the two of you grow in Christ, you continue to grow toward one another. Your love it true, it is bold, it is something that I once thought could only be found in fairytales. How lucky and blessed am I to be a part of a real life mountaintop fairytale wedding!

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