A Long Time Coming

Fyke Photography - Jordyn and Kenny Engagement in Knoxville

The Story

Kenny and Jordyn are both from Jersey, but never knew each other while they lived there. They both moved to the Virginia area and actually met after school in 2011.  She was 21 and he was 25. One day, at a local camp ground, they were hanging out with  separately with their own friends. Some of Kenny’s friends knew some of Jordyn’s friends (as fate would have it) and they all met up… one thing led to another and Kenny asked one of Jordyn’s friends (come on Kenny, man up!) for her number! They dated throughout the summer of 2011, and even took a trip to upstate New York for a music festival. Kenny finally made it official that September and they have been inseparable ever since!

Market Square and the Old City

So I got the privilege of meeting Jordy and Kenny on a nice January day. They got to Market Square early and told me to take my time and meet them at Market House Cafe. So when I get there, they are chilling in the back, relaxing with their beers. Immediately I knew today was going to be fun! I got a coffee and we sat the shot the breeze for a few. We had never met before so it was nice to chill and get better acquainted. After we finished our drinks we explored Market Square and the Old City. Kenny and Jordy had never really had professional photos done before and Jordyn warned me that she was “awkward.” I told her that as long as they were themselves, they would be great! And they were! We had so much fun walking down the railroad tracks, dancing in the street and discovering the love and passion Jordyn and Kenny share! Now, typically, an engagement shoot is included when a couple books me for their wedding photos. Jordyn and Kenny were not ready to book their wedding with me before our shoot. Before it ended, she said “Yea, you are shooting our wedding!”

Fun facts: Both Kenny and Jordyn are left handed, their dads are both in the insurance industry, and both of them were born in New Jersey but never knew of each other till our 20’s!

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